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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  October 13, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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next at 11. breaking news. a deadly hit -and -run in the south bay. san jose police are searching for the driver who hit and killed a pedestrian this evening. though it took less than an hour for touse suspects to break into a home and steel many things. a new geological study says that we could be in for bigger earthquake. a vintage car theft in antioch. it's a story you will only see on kron 4. the surveillance video shows the thieves driving off.
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good evening. i'm pam moore. the classic car which was stolen. was taken from right in front of the owner's home. kron 4's jeff bush is live in antioch. where he spoke to the owner of the car. and takes a closer look at the surveillance video. jeff happen very quickly yesterday afternoon, two friends were working on a hot rod, when to the auto parts store, and when they came back it was stolen. it's a 1948 fleetline and it was ready for a total restoration. john and robert are in a local car club and had plans to fix it up just like new. let's keep part of american history alive. that is what we do as a car club. we take these old carspeople may think they
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are junk and scrap metal but to us it is history and part of the family. you can see the fleetline being stolen in this video taken by a neigbor's security camera. john says someone was asking questions about the car earlier in the day. he asked if it was for sale and we said no and he asked what year it was and we told him it is a '48 and it just so happens that later that day it got taken out of the drive way. you can see the thieves towed the car away in a white, chevy truck. john says he thinks the car is still in the antioch area. we think it is around here somewhere close because of the way they pulled it out with the rope and stuff. the brakes were not all that great on it. we were working on them. we believe it is around here somewhere close by.unless they stripped it apart or they got it on a trailer and took it out.
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that's the only way they could get it any further than antioch. it's a very unique car. if you know anything about it call the cops. i'm jeff bush, live at police headquarters in antioch, kron four news. breaking news. san jose police are investigating a deadly hit-and- run accident. involving a car and pedestrian. it happened just before 8-o- clock this evening in the area of mckee road and north 33rd street in east san jose. when officers arrived on scene. they found a woman lying in the middle of the street, suffering from major injuries. the unidentified victim later died at the hospital. the suspect's car was described as a light colored s-u-v. no other description is available at this time. police are still searching for the driver. a developing story. the dallas nurse who tested positive for ebola. has been given a plasma transfusion from a doctor, who beat the disease. nina pham received a transfusion. with ebola-
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fighting antibodies this afternoon. the 26-year-old was among about 70 dallas hospital workers who cared for thomas duncan, who died from the disease last week. officials say, the plasma came from dr. kent brantly. he is the texas doctor who survived ebola. brantly contracted the virus while working in liberia san francisco general hospital is one of the bay area hospitals. taking extra steps to prepare staff for any possible ebola patient. today. hospital staff underwent several training drills. a county health official says, these training exercises will raise the level of competency, when it comes to treating a patient with ebola. one of the things we realized is that the devil is in the details to, and that the staff needs to feel very comfortable putting on personal protective equipment to treat those with ebola.
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indeed have procedures put in place. staff at kaiser permanente are also getting additional training on how to handle suspected cases of ebola. in other big news. a 7-point-4 magnitude quake. has struck off the coast of el salvador. the u-s geological survey says, the earthquake's epicenter was in the pacific ocean. about 105 -miles southeast of san salvador. initial reports indicate the quake was felt throughout central america, but there are no immediate reports of injuries or damage. meanwhile unsettling new details. the bay area could face bigger earthquakes in the near future. that's according to a new study. the new information comes days before the 25th anniversary of the destructive loma prieta quake. that six- point- 9 magnitude temblor leveled structures. caused major damage. and killed more than 60 people in the bay area. kron 4's scott rates spoke to an expert with the u-s geological survey tonight. and has
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details on what the new study reveals. friday marked 25 years since the loma pripet earthquake. it's not a matter of if a big earthquake will hit its a matter of one. you will remember these images from back in august of that earthquake.
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and really simple terms sometimes say the faults are locked and loaded to make another earthquake. on these faults it's really just a matter of time. we're not ready for the earthquake's we need to get ready. earthquake scientists have been keeping very close record of what has been happening for the net last 30 years.
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a happy ending to a story we brought you last week. a four- year-old girl is happy wheelchair. the story behind the wheelchair's return. plus -- a partial building collapsed in san francisco. next rain is on the way. insurance companies are spending millions of dollars trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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if you were there and solve this and person it took your breath away. the whole place is going on to the street watched lookit that. this is on pine street near montgomery. he conceived a massive section of building fall ford on to the sidewalk. habakkuk taking part of this structure down didn't get it quite. fortunately no one was injured or killed, by the falling
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debris. still ahead. a record-breaking gourd wins top honor at the half moon bay pumpkin weigh-off also -- police in the south bay are searching for a pair of burglars who ransacked a home and assaulted a dog.
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a family's pet dog is recovering after a brutal attack by a pair of burglars in san jose. tonight -- police are on the hunt for the culprits. boba, a pomeranian -mix is expected to be okay. kron 4's alecia reid shows the surveillance video police hope will help bring the men to custody..and she spoke to the dog's owner. this dog is lucky to be alive - surviving a brutal attack. now police are hoping surveillance footage will help lead them to the suspects. following blood spattered paw printsin the garage, and throughout the house, tony and his family were finally able to spot their pooch boba that was badly beaten by burglars. >> there was so much blood, my dog would normally respond and he wasn't responsive at all. >> at first he couldn't even
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drink that much water. he def couldn't eat any solid foods. he didn't want to walk. he didn't have any energy to greet me. the pomeranian mix was found hiding in a corner. the dogs owner says the men that broke into his home waited for everyone to leave before entering through the back door. surveillance cameras caught footage of the men as they left the home. one of them has been identified as 18 year old josiah johnson. he guys leaving with my luggage. they stole all the electronics and shoved it in the luggage. both suspects are still at large. the second man involved in the burglary is described as possibly hispanic in his late teens or early 20's reporting in san jose. rhonert park authorities released these images captured from surveillance cameras. in hopes of identifying this couple. authorities say. the female is
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believed to be the same person involved in a number of identity and mail theft cases in the north and east bay areas. anyone who recognizes these people is asked to contact the rhonert park department of public safety. a happy ending to a my kron4 story. a four- year old disabled girl has her wheelchair back. we aired larae lewis' story last week. after the eight- thousand dollar custom chair went missing. her mother says, she accidently left it outside her richmond apartment building. when it disappeared she feared it was stolen. it turns out the chair was picked up by a local pastor, who returned the wheelchair to the richmond police department after seeing our report. i'm happy my story got out, because if he hadn't seen that he would not have known that it was my daughter's chair.
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larae has spina bifida. and depends upon the wheelchair to get around. we checked out this story after a viewer contacted us. if you have a story - you can visit our website at kron4-dot- com. look under the "my kron4 story" tab. and send us your idea. a record broken at this year's annual pumpkin weigh-off in half moon bay. a napa man took home the top prize.with a massive gourd weighing more than 25-hundred pounds. john hawlkey beat the runner-up by more than 300 pounds. setting a new tournament record. he says he will use the 13- thousand dollar prize money to repair his home. which was damaged by in the napa quake in august. the massive pumpkin will be on display at the half moon bay art and pumpkin festival through this weekend. today was another hot day, and started with sunny skies but
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then the fog rolled in and brought cooler temperatures. the fog will be very dense tonight, and we will see several areas with drizzle. tomorrow evening we also have rain lingering into wednesday and it as far into thursday. the rain will not impact the giants game against the cardinals tomorrow. bring your raincoat because the drizzle will be persistent however. despotic cloud passed pattern ec here indicates instability and spotty ran. tomorrow morning the cycladic
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conditions, and the green the ec here is a drizzle. those clouds will linger through the day tomorrow. the rain will start in the north bay and area and push down. after it goes down it will move fast and break apart. temperatures tomorrow will drop off dramatically. so drizzle tomorrow morning, rain tomorrow night into wednesday morning, mostly dry
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thursday with rain on friday possible plea. terry has highlights and all the sports next. the giants are gearing up for their game three in nl c.s. championship, show your pictures showing your support of the black and orange. over 20 million kids everyday in our country
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49ers at rams 700th mnf game in history patrick willis firing up the team pregamebut willis would leave with toe injury. 1st quarter, 7-0 rams rams came out on fireaustin davis finds his tight end lance hendricks open for a 22 yard touchdown 14-0 rams davis: 18/36, 205 yards, 1 td, 1 int jim harbaugh looks on 2nd quarter, 14-3 rams colin kaepernick - perfect pass to a wide open brandon lloyd who races in for the 80 yard touchdown with just:14 secs left to halftime
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14-10 rams 3rd quarter, 14-10 rams kaepernick - buys himself some time in the pocket before making the tough throw - dropping it perfectly into anquan boldin for the 11 yard touchdown - niners take lead for good 17-14 49ers boldin: 7-94, td late 3rd quarter kaepernick - hits a wide open crabtree for the 32 yard touchdown 24-14 49ers kaepernick: 22/36, 343 yards, 3 td's harbaugh & kaepernick share an embracelove all around final: 31-17 49ers / 49ers improve to 4-2 / at denver next carr 4 td's, raiders lose under interim head coach tony sparano the raiders showed some fight yesterday against the chargers and scored more points than they have all yearbut they still lost derek carr completed the 77 yard touchdown pass to andre holmes on just the 3rd play of the game carr ended up with 4 touchdown passes on the day as he is looking more and more like the raiders quarterback of the
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future the raiders had a chance to winbut down by 3 points late in the game carr was intercepted to put the game on ice for the chargers here is sparano after the game they're no moral victories but it did tell my readers that i was proud of them. tim hudson starting game 3 39 year old tim hudson will start game 3 tomorrow - against the cardinals john lackey it will be 10 days since his last start in which he shut down the washington nationals in game two of the n.l. division series this is the furthest hudson has been in the playoffs over his 15 year mlb career here's hudson on how his pitching has adapted to growing older
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when you grow and get older you have to a change things and totally reinvent yourself. he need to put your ego aside.
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that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. we'll see you tomorrow morning! for
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♪[ music ] here she is. the nurse stricken with ebola and the famous tv doctor in hot water for breaking quarantine. all for a bowl of soup? then, he is at it again. first, this. >> oh, he hit him! >> now this. backing into another driver. and dentist vs. patient. the yelp review causing an uproar. >> my teeth were huge. >> plus the disgraced "7th heaven" star's shocking new movie role. >> he plays a priest that is a pedophile. >> and attack of the mole people. >> new information on the dude who claimed out of this grate and tossed a smoke bomb into


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